Value Creation Opportunities Lie Across Your Business - The OCC

The mechanics of your business

  • How you do it

  • How much you do

  • What inputs you use

  • What systems/processes support your business

  • How this all connects to the cost of doing business

Sharing the benefits with your customers

  • The range of products 

  • The size and types of customers

  • The full cost of providing these customers with these benefits

The environment in which your business performs

  • Owner/Investor needs and expectations 

  • Geographies

  • Competition (direct and substitutes)

  • Product pricing

  • Market dynamics/stability


Business Value


We are experienced management consultants with a passion for creating business value. We understand we are only successful when you are. We have been involved in transformations at some of the world's most successful industrial companies. The same skills and disciplines used to grow those world's-best companies can be applied to your business to capture real and sustainable bottom-line improvements.

We serve the owners and controlling investors of mid-size and smaller companies (revenues $10 million and greater). Why? Because we we are interested in delivering value - not presentations. We work closely with decision makers and leaders with leverage to make real change happen based on the radical premise that the value is not created until that change actually happens.


This is the start of a partnership...


You own or run a business with over $10 million in annual revenues that offers unidentified and unrealized value. You might have founded the company, perhaps it was through the family, or you bought it as a sole investor or as a Private Equity portfolio company. Whatever, you need a partner to help identify, prioritize and implement change to capture that value. Maybe you are looking to transition ownership, grow through acquisition, accelerate income growth or just turn things around. If you believe in capitalism (we swear by it), you know the best time to start increasing the value of your business is yesterday and the next best alternative is today.


We have no agenda other than to create value. We look for value holistically - across all your business - that's the OCC. We bring a structure and discipline to our work. We bring a variety of tools that experience tells us can be helpful but we don't have to use them all. We do know that we will build and use a fact-base to understand, communicate and prioritize all the opportunities. We know that you have ambitions and expectations for the business that must be considered. We do know that we will listen intently to the business leaders and other key-influencers to get their ideas on where the opportunities lie and how to capture them sustainably. We know your customers (current and ex) are a great resource for understanding opportunity. We know your suppliers accept they are vested in your success. Finally, we know there is no intrinsic value in a consultant's report except to stop a table wobbling.