Summer and Fall 2020

Client: Major International Private Equity Company

Situation: PE Firm completed deal to acquire $40 mil international waste-water treatment company with over 100 employees. Looking to merge into portfolio engineering company.

OCC Role: Head of Integration; manage integration, deliver synergies, ensure business continuity, create path to full delivery

Results: Identified opportunities to double EBITDA in 3 years through broad-range of opportunities. Executed changes to deliver over half opportunity by end of 2020 with line-of-sight to full delivery by end of 2021 (year-ahead of schedule).

Led11 teams with specific plans to drive real change and exceed synergy delivery. 

Highlights include:

  • Sales force re-alignment internationally with improved target setting, incentives and forecasting.

  • Improved margin management and price discipline through better understanding of costs.

  • Reduction in management overhead through consolidation and reduction of non-core business activity.

  • Optimized functional support including consolidation of IT.

  • Rationalized manufacturing footprint through analysis of capabilities and capacity.

  • Reduced spend in key purchase categories by leveraging scale and renegotiating purchasing contracts.

  • Streamlined design and engineering to reduce outsourcing and increase cross-selling of products and services. 

Autumn 2020

Client: Hypergrowth Tech Start Up

Situation: Needed to frame ideas around international growth options, potential acquisitions and potential competitive responses ahead of expected IPO

OCC Role: Advisor to Head of Strategy. Review opportunities for growth and test robustness of current plans. Identify key risks and potential mitigation options

Results: Delivered detailed analyses of options and mitigations to executive leadership and strategy/acquisitions team. Identified several potential risks with mitigations to strengthen post-merger value capture and improve speed and effectiveness of post-acquisition integration.

Highlights include:

  • Improved post-integration organizational design with increased synergies, tighter alignment of roles/responsibilities and lower risk of business disruption

  • Proposed robust framework to consider competitive responses to international growth plans to improve forecasting and potential mitigation responses

  • Identified opportunities and risks in potential add-on acquisitions ahead of expected IPO

Winter 2020

Client: Portfolio Company for Major Private Equity Firm

Situation: Expecting several imminent acquisitions, company looking to understand best-practices for post-merger integration to maintain business continuity, set future business performance expectations and train internal personnel to build leadership competence in driving essential transformation

OCC Role: Advisor to Chief Strategy Officer. Provide options from light-touch training to detailed on-site leadership to reduce risks from acquisitions and guarantee value delivery

Results: Delivered detailed training guide with specific modules for on-site leadership training including analysis of follow-up activities and post-merger integration leadership