OCC Businesses Services creates value with a range of services, all based on our core approaches

  • Building a fact-base - we're looking for opportunities, not opinions

  • Analyzing opportunities for size, relevance, accessibility, and credibility

  • Connecting to business owners, investors, and key-decision makers for consensus - ensuring there's leverage to make the change happen

Identifying Opportunities


Those of a clinical persuasion (medical and business consulting types) might call this the DIAGNOSTIC. Typically, we construct a cause-and-effect business model to understand how "what your business does" translates into "how the business performs". We look at the critical metrics (KPIs or Key Performance Indicators),how they've been doing and where they could be, using benchmarks of performance. Then, using the model, we weigh the value of moving those KPIs against the cost of moving them.

Planning Value Capture


Where the science of analysis meets the pragmatism of experience. We're interested in delivering value as quickly as practical and so we prioritize. This where the key question becomes "What do we now start doing differently to capture this value?". Our partnership is fully leveraged - what results do we need? and what do all the experts say needs to get done?. We listen, we challenge and we design solutions considering the full-impact on the business.

Capturing Value - Implementation


Where the rubber hits the road - to borrow a cliche. Here we implement the key projects designed in the planning phase. That is obvious, but we continue with our disciplined approach. We develop timelines, assign responsibilities, identify key milestones, monitor expected early results, intervene where progress lags, adjust plans where stubborn progress will impede value creation, and stand back to admire the beauty of capitalism in action when all goes well.

Merger and Acquisition Support

  • Identify potential targets

  • Valuation, synergy assessment, scenario modelling

  • Pre-deal support and analytics

  • Post-deal integration

    • 1st 100 days​

    • Organization design

    • New business structure

Ownership Transition


  • Succession planning

  • Exit strategies

  • Thinking of joint ventures

    • We'd be glad to help you think through it​

Executive Bench Strength​


  • We pride ourselves on being good judges of talent - we enjoy their company. If you're looking to add bench-strength in support of business leadership - we can help